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No Code Pages


After a year-long run, I am here to inform you that No Code Pages is

discontinued on 30th August 2021.

I am overwhelmed, the project grew to something I didn’t imagine. From starting as a personal hack to becoming a service, the process and results have been inspiring for me. Lots of learning building something from scratch for the first time and selling it in the free market. It grew to +200 customers organically around the world. And yet it’s time to say goodbye now.

ℹ Reason for Discontinuation

The idea behind No Code Pages was to leverage Notion as a minimal web builder and provide functionalities that are absent, for example, custom domain. Further, templates helped to make the process of website creation even simpler. All out of the objective of finding a solution that doesn’t require people to have any technical skills or comprehend tedious web development processes. A solution where you can just “type and build” and edit whenever you want.

No Code Pages got more attention than I expected. And as it progressed I realized a few things which add to this decision: